Perú, land of hidden treasures

There is a Peru for all tastes when it comes to tourist destinations! 3000 kilometers of coast line guarantee beautiful beaches and marine sports of world fame. Desserts with some of the largest dunes in the world compete with the Zahara itself for fun and discovery of mysterious traces of the past. The majestic mountains of the Andes “Apus” or lords of the ancient Inca civilization with its World Marvel Macchu Picchu. The impenetrable jungle with the largest river in the world, the Amazonas and living cultures yet not contaminated by civilization.

And all this with the most sophisticated tourist services one can find will make your visit unforgettable. Especially because of our friendly and hospitable people and the best gastronomy one can find anywhere!

About Peru

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Where to go?

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What to do?

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Plan your trip

Planning to go from Belgium to Peru? Both airlines and Belgian touroperators are offering Peru.


Belgian Touroperators:

  • TUI Belgium: individually, custom-made and modular (French and Dutch)
  • VTB Reizen: group travels accompanied by a Flamish guide (Dutch)
  • Travel Sensations: individually, deluxe (French and Dutch)
  • De Reisspecialist: accompanied group travels
  • Asteria Expeditions: accompanied group travels
  • HOBO Reizen: accompanied group travels
  • 7 Plus: individually (French and Dutch)
  • Cosmic Travel: individually (French and Dutch)
  • SudAmericaTours: individually (French and Dutch)
  • Joker: adventurous group and individual travels