Air Europa: vanaf juli 2017 met de nieuwe Boeing 787 Dreamliner naar Peru

Air Europa

From July 2017 the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner will be flying to Peru

Airline Air Europa is investing in new and more comfortable Boeing 787 Dreamliners to make your flight to Peru more comfortable. In this way, you will have all the energy to enjoy your destination even more. Welcom aboard!


Bigger range: 14 700 km

More comfort

The cabine makes use of a better airdispensingsystem than other plains. Tests have shown that passengers have 8% more oxigen in their blood and suffer less of headaches, airsickness and fatigue.

20% Less emissions

This Boeing uses 20% less fuel and produces less emissions than other plains of the same size.

Healthier catering

The well-being of the passengers is the core of the Air Europa-philosophy and also encompasses attention to the health and culinary requests. Passengers will be able to get new menus, with the freshest and most natural ingredients as possible.

60% less noise

WiFi on board

In this Boeing 787 Dreamliner you can stay conected thanks to the in-flight wifi-service. In this way you can keep on communicating with your friends, be active on social media or just carry on working during the flight. Additionally, the seats are equipped with iPOrt, USB and power supply.

30 % bigger windows

100 % clean air

The advanced airfiltersystem cleans the air for the full 100%. This means less bacteria, viruses and unpleasant smells.

40 minutes

This modern airplane, specially developed for long haul flights, has reduced the travel time with 40 minutes.

Both lighter and stronger

The 787 Dreamliner is the first commercial plane that exist for 50% out of composites. These high quality materials are both lighter and stronger than aluminium.



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